bought 66 caliente ragtop today.. needs rear wheel arch ptch

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bought 66 caliente ragtop today.. needs rear wheel arch ptch

Postby 66CalienteRagtop » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:28 am

Can anyone direct me to the best source for the following parts?
Looking for rear wheel arch patches for both sides of my new to me 66 ragtop.
Looking for a solid plan for front disc brake conversion.
Looking for bumpers front rear and grill .. BTW will Fairlane bumpers and wheel Arch patches work?
Looking for dash pad.
INstrument cluster speedo glass cover panels.. Have original instrument cluster showing 72k. but genius lost the glass cover panel..
Need front floor pans.
Need interior door panels.. rather buy them all done from a mfg.
drivers door glass.
Carpet set
Console for Floor automatic shift.
Looking to make a clean driver out of this one.

gonna gloat here..
so heres what SAnta brought today... with my money.. its a numbers matching conv Caliente 289 2bbl with buckets and auto floor shift/console today... I was surprised it has power windows. Needs alot of work.. someone had already gone through the drive train 10k miles ago and it seems"" solid. They had also done a very nice job on re upholster of the seats in merc dark blue leather.. Was surprised to see they went with real leather.. even stock badges on the seat covers.. not sure who mfg them.. but they look factory fresh.... thought i did pretty good for a grand. considering the top even works and looks ok..

. body panels are all straight and someone had sanded em down to early primer a few years ago.
EXCEPT the genius stripped the rear quarters down to metal and got to busy to prime em.. ugh.... so its got alot of surface rust..
Amongst many things..
Looking for weld in style Wheel Arch patches on both sides

Appreciate all the guidance you can provide on vendors to avoid and vendors to use for the above parts. And I will reciprocate any good info I find in the process..
Guess i just became a comet fan. ..
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Re: bought 66 caliente ragtop today.. needs rear wheel arch ptch

Postby Groover » Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:31 am

Sounds like a really cool Christmas for you... and for us once you post some pictures :) :)


I'm not a '66 expert, but most of that stuff sounds available either via parts house (MAC's, etc.), ebay (instrument cluster, console etc), or from somebody here. The wheel arches may be hard to find other than a donor car. Don't think anybody repops those.

Sit back, post some photos, and you're questions will all be answered... here at the best car forum going.
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Re: bought 66 caliente ragtop today.. needs rear wheel arch ptch

Postby Lip Ripper » Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:31 pm

The console; well they ain't cheap.
Floor pans are Fairlane.
You might as well bend over and pay Just Dashes to redo your dash pad.
Same for the bumpers; just find a reputable shop near you and rechrome them. You'll not find good used ones. I think the Fairlane front might fit but it isn't right.
There are a number of options for brakes but frankly I think drum brakes are under rated.
But what do I know? I'm just an ex hoosier aka; Yankee livin down in south Fla. But I do have a bad ass 66 drop top if I do say so myself. I built the car so I know where you're going so to speak.


PS. Oh, and the gasket kit that seals the top to the windows/across the windshield is the same as Fairlane. I don't give a :oops: what Dearborn say's. Since Ecklers bought them out they must've gotten rid of some of the knowledge too. I bought my kit from them on 2009 and at that time it was being marketed for the Fairlane and the Comet as well.

Good luck, keep us posted and if you need parts let me know because I have a few leftovers. Stacey White 863-464-1657
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