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Re: 64 Comet newbie in San Diego

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:23 pm
by RideAndShoot
poboyjo65 wrote:Maybe you could just lean the back window forward instead of sinking it. The c pillar is pretty thick so lots of room to lean at top.

I thought about that. The problem is it’ll really change the lines of the car, and I friggin love the lines as is. So much so that even leaning the front window doesn’t feel right to me. But in my scissor and tape mock-up I posted, I did lean the windshield and it still looks good. When I work on bikes, I usually strip them down, cut off the excess, then let them ‘speak’ to me to see which direction I’ll go. I get the feeling it’s gonna be the same with the windows and roof on this bad boy. Come February when I’m cleared to start being able to lift things again, I'll have the glass removed. Then brace the top and and body and start cutting! Driving me crazy not being able to dig into it yet!