OT. Help when you can

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OT. Help when you can

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Son is a Doctor, the hospital he works at ran out of masks last week. I checked the masks I use at my shop and sure enough they were N95. Kind of surprised me. Buy anyhow I had a lot off them, gave the lions share to son since he is ER doctor. Also gave a few boxes to my buddies sister who is a nurse and a few boxes to my dentist. But since their are more than a few car guys here, check your shops and if you have some extra masks maybe give them to someone you know in the medical field, they will be thrilled! Just a thought


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Re: OT. Help when you can

Post by redhotcomet »

The local hospital was looking for N100 masks a few days ago. The best I have is a couple N95's. The difference, I gather, is that N100's filter out more particles than the N95 (99.7 vs 95%).

I don't keep the single use ones around since they always fog up my glasses. And I can't see anything without my glasses. I wear a reusable respirator with replaceable filters instead. Seals much better especially around the nose, which is where my problem comes from. I'm guessing they're not sanitary enough for use in a hospital.
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Re: OT. Help when you can

Post by lavron »

A good thing to do if you can, I wish I had a box to give but only have a couple of masks because I keep wearing them until they are grey instead of white.

So far locally I have not heard of any virus cases except one in a town about 45 minutes from here, most here in Missouri are in the 3 major cities.

We are self quarantined or living like hermits until this clears as much as possible, of course I probably won't change my usual hermit lifestyle after this passes.

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Re: OT. Help when you can

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The hospitals are short on lots of PPE. My employer sent are N95 masks to the local hospital. My daughter works in a different town in medical imaging. Her department had 2 safety glasses and one face shield they were sharing and they ex-ray covid-19 patients everyday. I looked though my volunteer box and hunting kit and sent them 15 sets of safety glasses.They where very happy.
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Re: OT. Help when you can

Post by Jims65cyclone »

The Harbor Freight that I go to donated a huge supply of N95 masks and latex gloves to the hospital on my side of town. They were glad to get them.


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