1966 Cyclone GT wheel size

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1966 Cyclone GT wheel size

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I am going to change the wheels and tires on my Cyclone GT from the stock 14x6 steel rims with wheel covers to a set of chrome Magnum 500's. My tire shop guy says to go with a 15x7 Magnum over the 14 inch version for better tire choices and a better overall look. I'm thinking of running a 235/60-15 or a 225/60-15 BFG T/A tire...Does anyone know if I will have clearance issues with the rear quarter/fender rubbing on the tire at all? Does it make a difference being a15 inch wheel over the 14 inch? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Here is a photo of my car and another of the look I would like....Wheels make all the difference!
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Re: 1966 Cyclone GT wheel size

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fordnutz wrote:Does it make a difference being a15 inch wheel over the 14 inch?
Right off the top of my head, 14" are getting harder and harder to find, 15" are not far behind but are a lot easier to find and like the tire guy said more choices, and I am betting a bit cheaper.

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