Vacuum Line Locations

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Vacuum Line Locations

Post by Lakeview »

Due to a fire I am trying to confirm locations of these vacuum line connection points on my 66 cyclone 390

- Heater control valve
- Not sure what it is but there is tubing that come off the exhaust manifold (not the choke tube) then converts to vacuum tubing

Any information or pictures would be appreciated

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Re: Vacuum Line Locations

Post by Groover »

The exhaust manifold tube likely goes to the choke on the carburetor warm air to open the choke. Not sure about the heater.
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Re: Vacuum Line Locations

Post by poboyjo65 »

there are 2 lines for the choke system.The choke has a passage to the center of the bottom of the carb where vacuum pulled warm air thru the choke, from the choke stove on the exhaust. the stove also had a line that converted to rubber line which attached to the top of the carb, pulling clean air thru the carbs air filter ,,,the reason is that that air ends up in your engine.

The heater valve ,I think just shuts off the coolant to the heater core until the car gets warm ,then opens allowing hot coolant into the heater core. just allows the car to warm up faster.
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