Good Electric Fuel Pump Location

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Good Electric Fuel Pump Location

Post by masonjarz »

I want to move my Carter P4070 pump from the engine bay of my 1967 Caliente to a location closer to and lower than the fuel tank.
Does anyone have any suggested locations?

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Re: Good Electric Fuel Pump Location

Post by popscomet »

'LECTRIC fuel pumps need to be as close to the fuel tank as possible,,they push gas better then they pull.....that's the reason on todays cars they are mounted in-side the tank and to aid in keeping them cool.....jmo....pop

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Re: Good Electric Fuel Pump Location

Post by Boatmangc »

I just relocated mine after mounting it too high during a speedy install 11 months ago. How are we posting pics these days? I can send a photo of where mine is now.
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