'72 build

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'72 build

Post by floatingcowboy »

looking to have fun with this one, on stands, drivetrain out and interior mostly out, was gonna swap in a mustang ecoboost but have decided on the Taurus SHO ecoboost and all its guts. :wink: I am evaluating rust damage and body work at the moment so power plant is on the back burner for a couple years.

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Re: '72 build

Post by Rocket989 »

That oughta be pretty dang cool!! May be one out there but I haven't seen any of the Comet/ Mavericks with mod motors or EcoBoost stuff. Good luck with it!! :lol: :D :lol: :mrgreen:
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Re: '72 build

Post by lavron »

Cool year, I have seen a few really nice '70s Mav/Comet builds, made me want one but need the '64 on the road first so probably will never happen.

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Re: '72 build

Post by 72 Comet »

Should be a fun build. I have one myself that I built. 302-AOD-9” rear 370 posi- had A BW T5 manual but I removed it. Solid car no rust. Straight-All new chrome . Contact me if any questions. Maryland car.
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Re: '72 build

Post by Boss/Cyclone »

Cool idea, wonder where the sump is on that particular motor. I know the late 90's continental had a mod motor (4.6 v8) with a front sump oil pan that was desirable for engine swaps into older cars. While Mustang and Mark 8's with a 4.6 had a rear sump that would not work on stock suspension older Fords. Good luck, those motors really run strong in a very heavy SHO, it will be really fast in a 72 Comet.
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