Some Last Comets '72 & '75 good value!

The Last Comets
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Some Last Comets '72 & '75 good value!

Post by albert »

These newer Comets are starting to grow on me. I really like these two on my local Craigslist. Any of you 64/65 owners have a newer Comet? I think they are a good buy for a low cost classic. I heard that Ford Pintos are now in demand and prices are dramatically increasing.
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Re: Some Last Comets '72 & '75 good value!

Post by Groover »

I did see that emberglow Comet on ebay, and it does look nice. But to me there is no contest between the 60's and the 70's.
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Re: Some Last Comets '72 & '75 good value!


I also looked at that 72,it has some cool parts [hate the hood],but it is way to far away for me! I have been looking for a pre 75,small bumper,Comet to use as a daily driver,they are very hard to find!! ROY.
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