1908 Holley single carb gasket question

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1908 Holley single carb gasket question

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Hopefully easy question to answer,
Is there suppose to be a gasket on the top of the carb between it and the bottom of the air filter housing assembly?
my shop manual doesn't show one, but thought i would ask here. (1961 comet. 144 engine.)


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Re: 1908 Holley single carb gasket question

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I don't think on the carb, there may be one on the air cleaner like a big O-ring but I haven't seen my original air cleaner in years (even though I think I know where it is).

I really don't think it would make too much difference anyway even if it didn't have a gasket there.

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Re: 1908 Holley single carb gasket question

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4 bbl & 2 bbl carbs have them. here is one for a rochester but it has measurements.
https://www.amazon.com/Air-Cleaner-Gask ... B07B8XDYMG
It would be simple to make. & with the news of the big amazon warehouse fire,,,who knows how long it would take?
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