1965 C4 Dipstick

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1965 C4 Dipstick

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The dipstick that I currently have measures 23 5/8 inches from tip to tip. It does not say FOMOCO on it or have any kind of FOMOCO stamping/part number on it. It only says F L and with engine at idle. I'm trying to determine if I have the wrong dipstick causing me to overfill my C4 to get a reading. Request any 6cyl C4 owners out there take the time to measure the dipstick you have and whether or not there are any FOMOCO stampings on it?

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Re: 1965 C4 Dipstick

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I have ask a guy on another forum who has a 65 ,6cyl,with auto trans. he is currently traveling for work but he said he would measure his dipstick when he gets home. btw I sent you a PM.

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Re: 1965 C4 Dipstick

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Maybe you can drain the trans and torque converter completely, then fill with the amount specified in the shop manual, then check the dip stick. Regardless of how the stick is marked- that fluid level is your full mark. (New Full mark can be etched on the stick.)
Just an idea.

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