Problems I found

144-250 cid Inline Six Performance
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Problems I found

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Hello Members.... I had a few problems that I already found answers for and fixed and thought I would share. The car I bought had a rebuilt 170 that sat for 10 years. I ran rough when hot and was dying on the guy trying to sell it to me.
I actually tried to work with him and we tried some simple things together. Here is a lit of the issues that I learned about the hard way;

BIGGEST Problem and last to solve: That heater hose warmed carb plate.... too much! The carb was hot and was boiling the modern day ethanol added fuel which flashes at a lower temp than the old gas. It was dribbling fuel out of the booster. I rebuilt the carb and nothing changed with this issue. I played with float level etc... read all those posts. In the end it was heat on the carb.

The other big problem was the vacuum advance not working. I found this.... The plate inside the distributor was gummed up and not moving well and the vacuum diaphragm was also spent..... BUT... the main reason was actually the spark control valve on the carb. This Spark control thing and loadomatic distributor stuff was one big unwelcome surprise to 1962 technology. Upgrading means carb AND distributor and these old 1/4" shaft dizzys arekind of an oddball so there is only one aftermarket dizzy that I found for 389$. The carb would have to be updated too or some vacuum holes blocked.

I found 2 bent pushrods..... Probably when it sat so long and the guy cranked it they got stuck and bent.

That was most of it. I am now finding that it is lean at idle and runs better with the idle air bleed blocked with a drill bit. I believe I have to jet up or drill out the main jet a bit also due to todays weaker fuel and less power. I just ran it on the highway today for the first time and I saw it running a little hotter.... normal, middle, not bad.... but hotter so I am guessing opening the main jet will help this and also idle I guess (hope).

One thing I can ask for help is that I have the 2 speed automatic and I see a vacuum line to the tranny from the manifold on the passenger side, which is connected, but I also see some hose coming from the tranny on the drivers side that is not connected. Anyone know what this is?


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