61 Comet base, 144cu. carb spacer replacement

144-250 cid Inline Six Performance
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61 Comet base, 144cu. carb spacer replacement

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One of the heater hose connectors on the carb spacer is deteriorated to the point where I don't feel safe trying to clamp a hose on it. I don't know if this car has the original carburetor or not, but I cannot find an identical spacer that does not have this little channel on top near the opening like what is on the car now. My question is can I use one of these after market spacers that has this channel on top? everything else is the same. The carb is a
series A0E, type 1BA, date K. Thanks, John.m

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Re: 61 Comet base, 144cu. carb spacer replacement

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You have the channel on yours? Or no channel?

If the replacement ones have it and you don't it shouldn't make a difference, the other way around I am not sure, it depends on what that port is doing.

I am not a carb expert at all, most of the stuff they do is magic to me :roll:

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