Champion F-14-Y replacement

144-250 cid Inline Six Performance
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Champion F-14-Y replacement

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So in googling replacement for the 144 spark plugs it comes up with about 23 different makes.
I'm sure some are better for this car than others and wondered what works best as a replacement.
As always, Thanks in advance.


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Re: Champion F-14-Y replacement

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I believe NGK is the only U.S. plug manufacturer, these days. I've never ran them in my engines, don't know quality.
All of the old major brands are made elsewhere. YMMV


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Re: Champion F-14-Y replacement

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My personal opinion is that I would not use Champion plugs in my lawn equipment.
NGK or Bosch are far superior. I have no experience with Denso so I cannot comment on them. E3 and the other “designer” brands of plugs are hype and have no proven advantage.
I use NGK platinum in my Cyclone.
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Re: Champion F-14-Y replacement

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champion plugs are for lawn mowers and old tractors,,and barely at for NGK,,my only dealing with those were i bought a pu back in the 80's,,,was always slow about starting,,,,had ngk plugs,,took them out,,fixed the problem,,,,might have been in the motor awhile,I don't know,,,,never bought another set and don't plan on buying anymore.....I still have that PU,,my son drove it thru HS ,gave it to his sister she drove it thru HS plus awhile longer then it was son in laws pu,,,finally after along time and 1 motor ,I got it back and it's still here,,,pop

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