Quarter window rollers and rivets

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Quarter window rollers and rivets

Post by Tommy-T »

Does anybody know where you can buy the quarter window rollers and rivets for a '65 Cyclone.

I am in process of re chroming the pot metal portion of the window frame and had to remove the plastic rollers along with their rivets to prepare them.

Are new parts available? The lower middle roller and rivet seem to be a different size. Is that so?

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Re: Quarter window rollers and rivets

Post by lavron »

I have been stealing window rollers out of my parts car but not sure that is what you are looking for the ones I have been replacing are not in the track (they roll in th track and are clipped on with a ‘c’ clipor riveted on but sit on the regulator pin/axleI would have to see what you are looking for.. Many Ford cars and trucks from that era use the same roller, I would think there would be an aftermarket source The rollers are orange BTW that I am talking and clip to the regulator and roll in the window channel I have greasing mine with white lithium grease when I install them.but I still need to gEt my side windows rebuilt and reinstalled would like to have that done before the back glass goes back in to help prevent possibly blowing the back glass out.plus be nice to have an enclosed car again :lol:
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Re: Quarter window rollers and rivets

Post by Jims65cyclone »

Do you see what you're looking for here?
https://johnsmustang.com/collections/da ... %20Windows


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Re: Quarter window rollers and rivets

Post by Joe Travers »


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Re: Quarter window rollers and rivets

Post by Kingspeedy2 »

The ones you are talking are these .Find a machinist to make you some . I will be in the same boat and will make some eventually.
If the link doesnt work just search ebay for comet window rollers.There was rivets by themselves aswell

https://www.ebay.com/itm/132218247079?f ... BMmtSil6Vf
https://www.ebay.com/itm/192624474653?f ... R5rUopelXw

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