61 4dr. Interior Painting

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61 4dr. Interior Painting

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Most of the interior was painted the Sultana White. (ford code M). the Dash is black and the part of the door (interior) above and below the vinyl
panel is painted black.
How should I go about repainting these black parts? Door will be blasted and expoxy primered. Interior will be eventually.
Should I do the white parts first then come back to do the black bits and dash? What kind of black paint should I use? 2K, Urethane?,
For fun I redid the interior column/post covers with rattle can lacquer black with a satin clear, then gently wet sanded. they came out pretty
damn nice, but rattle can is rattle can and I don't know the durability of it.
sorry for long post, and thanks for advice.....John

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Re: 61 4dr. Interior Painting

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your results will vary :
the '61 was shot in PPG single stage white and interior with same and black SS. Found interior paint looked good without the careful wet sand given to the exterior white. Without final sanding it has a lower luster and seems about right for the contrast with black accents.

Image . Image . Image

. Image . Image . Image

PS: ... the early Comet Dash is straight across and the Falcon has the middle dip down so they are not intechangeable. I use a nice dash mat to keep glare down at the lites' 8)

falcon dash

have fun

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