61 Comet hood sheet metal to frame.

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61 Comet hood sheet metal to frame.

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Before I sent hood off to get blasted, it looked like the sheet metal was tack welded to underlaying hood frame. Someone somewhere had said, no, that it was 'spot' adhered with some sort of adhesive to keep hood metal from rattling. Can someone suggest what I should use?
Seems like it would have been better to spot weld it together when car was built. Thanks for all advise. John.m

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Re: 61 Comet hood sheet metal to frame.

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... spot welding would be difficult to prevent a reveal even with paint.

seam-sealer type semi-hardening paintable stuff maybe..

https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-seam- ... ridge.html

Image. Image. Image . Image . Image

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Re: 61 Comet hood sheet metal to frame.

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Welding would have warped the sheet metal. The factory used an adhesive to hold the two pieces together but not ridged. There needs to be a certain amount of flex between the inner frame and the outer skin. There are a number of products on the market for this application, consult a body shop or body shop supply for their recommendations.
Blasting the hood is not a good option in my opinion, too much chance of an
person using the wrong pressure, media, or having a lack of knowledge blasting sheet metal resulting in ruining the hood.
If the hood is not rusty I recommend soda blasting or dry ice blasting, if there is rust on just the underside of the front lip you may be able to spot blast the area with low pressure and fine silica. Blasting the underside or top of the sheet metal itself is risky.
Good luck.
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