New from south Sweden :)

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Re: New from south Sweden :)

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It could be a 3 on tree, I always stick mine up in reverse to get it off my knee to get out.
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Re: New from south Sweden :)

Post by popscomet »

ISN't the shift lever on a column shifted trans just a bit longer and bent different,than an auto-matic? Its' been so long since I saw one,I forget!! Back when I took the auto out of my comet,I had it all to go either 3 on the columnon or 4 spd,my son and buddies talked me into 4 spd,but I sure like 3 on the tree as in driving my 66 390 pu......( stopped by muffler shop in 66 pu,KID ran out in parking lot ,jumped in the 66,to pull it in on the lift,I was watching him thru the plate glass window,he started it,but then he just sat there for a min or so,I walked toward him as he got out ,he looked at me and said I'm lost as HELL !! I've never seen nothing like that,,,,I made him get back in behind the whl and we took a drive around the parking lot a few times,,I left there with a new young friend plus that kid did a top notch job on the DUEL exhaust on my trk,,, After al as I've said before----KNOWLEDGE AIN't WORTH A CRAP......IF YOU DON'T PASS IT ON,,,sorry for be so windy and for taking the focus from the COMET in SWEDEN.....just felt like sharing that little happening.........POPs

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Re: New from south Sweden :)

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Hey :)
picture to show my Multi drive Merc o Matic system and the original manual the Vin code on the car :)
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Re: New from south Sweden :)

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I just saw your nice and beautiful car here. I am from your neighbour country, Finland and owner of Comet Caliente Convertible 289 V8 1964 too. My car has white interior but other way it looks quite a similar.

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