1966-67 Ford Fairlane GT/GTA

All the Ford Sisters...Falcon, Mustang, Maverick & Fairlane, etc. Try and keep your post relevant for Comet users
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1966-67 Ford Fairlane GT/GTA

Post by albert »

http://www.hemmings.com/magazine/mus/20 ... 92292.html

I know a few of us Comet Forum members own or have owned one of these close cousins to our Comets. These are the next best cars to Comets IMO!
Back in the day when I worked at Ford I did have a 1967 Ford Fairlaine 500 convertible in springtime yellow 289 auto.
Albert's 65 289, polar white, black buckets, 5 speed, Autolite 4100, ps, pb, factory tach, crites hood, headers, dual exhaust

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Re: 1966-67 Ford Fairlane GT/GTA

Post by fairlaniac »

Not a GT or GT/A but it's mine.
Doug Bender
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1966 Fairlane 427/4 Spd

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Re: 1966-67 Ford Fairlane GT/GTA

Post by popscomet »

I agree ,ALBERT,,,,I had a 67 sbf 4spd 2drht,white fairlane,and my red comet at the same time years ago,,,I honestly did not like one the best over the other.........they were both great cars and GLENDA and I drove the fairlane around the world it seemed,,,,but I made the mistake of putting a price on the fairlane and the young man down the street bought it ,,,,I've never really gotten over it :shock: ,,,,I had to watch that boy destroy that car.......but we live and learn !!but it was a hard lesson for me,,POP

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