289 keeps getting hot!

289 - 351 cid Small Block Performance
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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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Groover wrote:
Wed Sep 07, 2022 8:11 am
I keep one of those hand held temp probes hand for checking what is actually hot and what is not: https://www.amazon.com/Thermometer-Temp ... 613&sr=8-8

Might be useful in your sleuthing.
I have been using one for a long time also. Trailer hubs, exhaust header tubes, event the floor of my Comet to see if the Hush Mat insulation did it’s job. Everyone should have one.
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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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I reread your original post. If it runs fine at highway speed airflow could to be the problem.
Have you thought about trying it with the hood off?
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about


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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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SASSY wrote:
Wed Sep 07, 2022 11:51 am
I reread your original post. If it runs fine at highway speed airflow could to be the problem.
Or the fan isn't doing it's job. I have a jegs brand dual electric fan on a truck with a 302 & it wont stay cool at slow speeds or idling. I plan to put the stock fan back on eventually ,I dont use the truck much but it's aggravating like it is. it does fine on highway.

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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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Fred and John have a point. Seems to be fine at highway speeds but has issues at slow speeds. Airflow would definitely be something to look at. 2100 cfm isn't really a lot. What diameter is the electric fan you have on the car? How is the fan wired? Run all the time? Work of a thermo switch? I think the factory fan for a 289 w/air was 16"dia 5 blade, and they have decent size blades.

Also could be a fuel problem or a little of both (airflow and fuel issue)

You posted you have a electric pump, where is it mounted? How are the fuel lines routed? My Comet had the fuel line run on the outside of the drivers side front frame rail, then up front by the sway arm mount it goes under the frame rail to the fuel pump. This keeps the fuel line away from heat. If your fuel line is run on the inside of the frame rail, inside the engine compartment the heat from exhaust/headers and such could be messing with it. If the electric fuel pump is mounted inside the engine compartment that could also be a problem. Seen electric fuel pumps mounted under car that have problems when they get hot they quit working till they cool down. Inside the engine compartment have even more problems, not a good place for a electric fuel pump. When the car shuts down have you checked to see if fuel still squirts in carb? Check for spark when it shuts down?

Just some random thoughts,,,hope it helps


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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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My 70 Torino is doing the same thing. My original radiator was leaking so I replaced it with a big block Torino aluminum radiator. The car has a 351 Cleveland in it the only thing that changed was the bigger radiator and I lost the fan shroud. I know the problem is simply the fan shroud the minute the car slows down and starts crawling the temperature and starts climbing right up in the car when it gets to a certain point as close to overheating the car will start stumbling in wanna kill. I would seriously check your airflow and water flow
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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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Had the same problem turns out the radiator hose was collapsing and restricting water flow . Thus the reason for the springs they place inside them.
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Re: 289 keeps getting hot!

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I know this is an old post, but I am curious after reading the whole thing. Did you ever fix the problem.

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