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Att Crites Litning Bolt,Thunderbolt veterans

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:18 am
by vicegrip
It ain't a Comet but I could use some advice. 64 Fairlane with the Crites FE conversion deal. I did the trans,C6,but otherwise others did the work. Big money 427,gorgeous paint,interior,trim,etc.Project is now in my hands.Anyway,after spending a fortune on the car,the owner apparently hired some kids to install the power train and get it running.They must have got overwhelmed and quit after the motor and tranny was stuck in there and that's where I came in. Sooo,to make a short story long,I discovered that both the motor and trans are stuck tight,won't turn at all. I'm thinking 3 things. ...converter not all the way in the trans,converter pilot too big for the pilot hole in the crank,flex plate to crank bolts too long and hitting the block,or a combination of these.The trans has to come out for sure and it looks like the headers have to come off first. Finally the question..It has those giant Crites cross over headers. If anyone has dealt with these things and could give me method of operation on removing and installation,they would be my hero. They are individual tube going into a removable collector,4 bolts for each hole.